Wax Potpourri is highly scented and good for use in simmering pots, electric potpourri pots, or as a sachet. This long lasting potpourri may be used many times before needing to be changed out. Never add water.
Try making sachets either for gifts or
favors by using our mini sachet bags - may be put in linen drawers, cabinets, etc, or use some in a bowl in place of dried potpourri.


Allspice: nutmeg/cinnamon/clove/maple
Coconutmeg: nutmeg/coconut
Country Home: nutmeg/vanilla/apple/cinnamon/clove
Egyptian Blend: nutmeg/coffee/orange
Gourmet Deligh
t: nutmeg/bayberry/strawberry
Passion Spice: nutmeg/musk/clove
Pumpkin Pie: nutmeg/vanilla/cinnamon
Spiced Kitchen: nutmeg/vanilla/cinnamon/clove

Blue Hawaii: ocean/plumeria
Island Paradise: ocean/hibiscus
Sea Breeze: ocean/rain
Tropical Breeze: ocean

Ambrosia: all fruit fragrances & coconut
Apple Jack: orange/apple/cinnamon/clove
California Sunset: orange/watermelon
Christmas Brew: orange/bayberry/cinnamon/clove/lemon
Christmas Remembered: orange/pine/bayberry/cinamon/clove/cranberry
Citrus Sunrise: orange/lemon
Cranberry Relish: orange/apple/cinnamon/cranberry
Dreamsicle: orange/vanilla
Egyptian Blend: orange/coffee/nutmeg
Happy Times: orange/strawberry/vanilla
Hawaiian Punch: orange/peach/pineapple/strawberry/vanilla/apple
Orange Blossom: orange/pine/pinon
Orange Cappuccino: orange/vanilla/coffee
Spiced Tea: orange/clove
Sunkissed: orange/cinnamon/clove/lemon
Tango: orange/pina colada
Tropical Temptation: orange/lemon/peach/pina colada
Wassail: orange/apple/clove
Zesty Pine: orange/lemon/pine

Almost Heaven: patchouly/lilac
Blue Moon: patchouly/lavender
Dreams: patchouly/bluebonnet/magnolia/musk
Fantasy: patchouly/bluebonnet
Ivory & Jade: patchouly/blue spruce/lily of the valley
Man's World: patchouly/sandalwood/musk
MIsty Dream: patchouly/baby powder/musk
Passion Flower: patchouly/musk/plumeria
Reflections: patchouly/lavender/sandalwood
Salem's Brew: patchouly/sea heather
Sixties: patchouly/musk
Summer Showers: patchouly/jasmine/sandalwood
Taj Mahal: patchouly/clove
Wildness: patchouly/cranberry
Witches' Java: patchouly/coffee/lavender
Woodstock: patchouly/blue spruce

Ambrosia: all fruit fragrances & coconut
Berry Peach: peach/strawberry/vanilla
Cherry Blossom Time: peach/wild cherry
Fruit Basket: peach/srawberry
Fruit Punch: peach/strawberry/apple/orange
Georgia Nights: peach/magnolia
Georgia Summer: peach/magnolia/honeysuckle
Green Apple: peach/apple/pineapple
Hawaiian Punch: peach/pineapple/strawberry/vanilla/apple/orange
Island Theme: peach/lime/vanilla/watermelon/strawberry
Mouth Watering: peach/watermelon/lime
Mulberry Bush: peach/strawberry/mulberry
Peach Cobbler
: peach/cinnamon/clove/vanilla
Peaches 'N Creme: peach/vanilla
Peachmint: peach/peppermint
Peachy Keen: peach/blueberry
Peachy Surprise: peach/pina colada
Spiced Peach: peach/clove
Summers Punch: peach/pineapple/watermelon
Summers Delight: peach/strawberry/watermelon
Texas Hill Country: peach/cedar
Tropical Peach: peach/pineapple/mulberry
Tropical Temptation: peach/lemon/orange/pina colada

Afternoon Breeze: pear/rain
Cool Nights: pear/mulberry
Marilyn's Basket: pear/blueberry/apple
Mixed Fruit: pear/honeydew/raspberry/strawberry
Partridge & Pear Tree: pear/peppermint
Pear Berry: pear/strawberry
Summer Days: pear/watermelon

Candy Cane: peppermint/strawberry
Mint Julep: peppermint/mint/watermelon/lime
Peachmint: peppermint/peach
Peppermint Twist: peppermint/lime
Snowman: peppermint/vanilla

Choclate Covered Cherries: pina colada/wild cherry/chocolate
Hawaiian Delight: pina colada/banana/coconut
Peachy Surprise: pina colada/peach
Polar Bear: pina colada/coconut/vanilla
Sea Coast Treasure: pina colada/sea heather/cranberry
Strawberry Colada: pina colada/strawberry
Tango: pina colada/orange
Tropical: pina colada/banana/coconut/peach
Tropical Surprise: pina colada/strawberry/banana
Tropical Temptation: pina colada/lemon/orange/peach

Aussie Christmas: pine/cinnamon/eucalyptus/sandalwood
Autumn Morning: pine/eucalyptus/magnolia
Autumn Woods: pine/cedar/sandalwood
Chipmunk's Forest: pine/blue spruce/musk
Christmas Down Under: pine/balsam/eucalyptus/magnolia
Christmas Joy: pine/balsam/strawberry
Christmas Remembered: pine/bayberry/cinnamon/cranberry/clove/orange
Christmas Tree: pine/blue spruce
Colonial Garden: pine/lavender
Deck the Halls: pine/hibiscus/strawberry
East Texas: pine/bluebonnet
Enchanted Forest: pine/blue spruce/cedar/pinon
Forest Berries: pine/balsam/blueberries
High Country: pine/cedar
Inspiration:pine/lily of the valley/pinon
Island Christmas: pine/ginger
Jingle Bells
: pine/cranberry/white ginger
Kris Kringle's Forest: pine/balsam/blue spruce
Lone Star Christmas: pine/bluebonnet/cedar
Maine Woods: pine/blue spruce/cedar
Mountain Nights: pine/balsam/mountain laurel
Northern Pine: pine/mint/strawberry
Olde Tyme Christmas: pine/strawberry/blue spruce
Orange Blossom: pine/orange/pinon
Oriental Delight: pine/bayberry/sandalwood
Santa Fe Sunset: pine/pinon
Southern Christmas: pine/magnolia
Spice Tree: pine/cinnamon
Starry Night: pine/peppermint
Sweet Forest: pine/honeysuckle
A Walk in the Woods: pine/balsam/cedar/pinon
Wildwood: pine/clove
Zesty Musk: pine/musk
Zesty Pine: pine/lemon/orange

Banana Split: pineapple/strawberry/vanilla/wildcherry/banana/chocolate
Fruit Salad: pineapple/watermelon/banana/blueberry
Green Apple: pineapple/apple/peach
Hawaiian Punch: pineapple/strawberry/vanilla/apple/orange/peach
Pearl Harbor: pineapple/vanilla/banana
Pineapple Cream: pineapple/vanilla
Summer Punch: pineapple/watermelon/peach
Tropical Peach: pineapple/mulberry/peach
Aloha Sunset: plumeria/ginger
Bluebonnet Bouquet: plumeria/bluebonnet/lilac
Enchantment: plumeria/lilac
English Garden: plumeria/lavender/mountain laurel
Flutter By Me: plumeria/carnation
Key Largo: plumeria/baby powder/sandalwood
Misty Dawn: plumeria/honeysuckle/jasmine
Passion Flower: plumeria/musk/patchouly
Tanya's Twilight: plumeria/sea heather
Tranquility: plumeria/bluebonnet/clove
White Cloud: plumeria/magnolia/white ginger

Autumn Rain: rain/honeydew
Garden Showers: rain/sea heather/freesia
Lingering Nights: rain/patchouly/plumeria
Sea Breeze: rain/ocean
Spring Rain: rain/lavender/wisteria

Granny's Raspberry Pie: raspberry/vanilla
New England Tart: raspberry/apple/blueberry
Razzberry: raspberry/cinnamon
The Berries: raspberry/strawberry/baberry/blueberry/cranberry/mulberry

Baby Rose: rose/baby powder
Briar Rose: rose/balsam/sea heather
Carolina Spring: rose/sandalwood/magnolia
Country Walk: rose/lavender/mint
Field Flower: rose/bluebonnet
Field of Roses: rose/vanilla
Firelight: rose/musk/cloveFlower Garden: rose/lilac
Forever Spring: rose/sandalwood/lavender
Garden Walk: rose/gardenai/lavender
Ginger Rose: rose/ginger
Grandmother's Cedar Chest: rose/cedar
Honeysuckle Rose: rose/honeysuckle
Lavender & Old Lace: rose/lavender
Louisiana Rose: rose/eucalyptus/magnolia
Margarita Rose: rose/lime
Moon Rose: rose/ginger
My Valentine: rose/wild cherry
Ocean Garden: rose/sea heather/lilac
Old Fashioned Potpourri: rose/sandalwood
Ribbon & Roses: rose/strawberry/vanilla
Rose Garden: rose/gardenia/magnolia
Rosy Apple: rose/apple
Spanish Enchantment: rose/floral/lavender
Spice Potpourri: rose/sandalwood/clove
Spring Bouquet: rose/carnation
Strawbery Rose: rose/strawberry
Summer Memories: rose/gardenia/honeysuckle
Touch of Tiffany: rose/carnation/lavender
Victoria's Trunk: rose/sandalwood

Aussie Christmas: sandalwood/cinnamon/eucalyptus/pine
Autumn Woods: sandalwood/cedar/pine
Bay Breezes: sandalwood/bayberry/sea heather
Carolina Spring: sandalwood/magnolia/rose
Christmas in Paradise: sandalwood/white ginger/hibiscus
Desert Dawn: sandalwood/lavender
Desire: sandalwood/gardenia/musk
Down Under: sandalwood/musk
Exotic Delight: sandalwood/bluebonnet/lilac
Floral Sunset: sandalwood/jasmine/lavender
Forest Flowers: sandalwood/gardenia
Forever Spring: sandalwood/lavender/rose
Garden Tea: sandalwood/clove
Jazzy Bouquet: sandalwood/jasmine/plumeria
Key Largo: sandalwood/baby powder/plumeria
Man's World: sandalwood/musk/patchouly
Memory Lane: sandalwood/gardenia/jasmine
Mountain Dew: sandlalwood/bluebonnet/musk
Old Fashioned Potpourri: sandalwood/rose
Oriental Delight: sandalwood/bayberry/pine
Promises: sandalwood/white ginger/plumeria
Reflections: sandalwood/lavender/patchouly
Soft Scents: sandalwood/baby powder/bluebonnet
Spice Potpourri: sandalwood/rose/clove
Spring Meadow: sandalwood/bluebonnet
Success Scent: sandalwood/cinnamon
Summer Showers: sandalwood/jasmine/patchouly
Victoria's Trunk: sandalwood/rose
Wood Valley: sandalwood/lily of the valley
Woodland Fantasy: sandalwood/balsam/mt. laurel
Woody Bouquet: sandalwood/bayberry/cedar

Baby's Love: sea heather/baby powder
Bay Breezes: sea heather/bayberry/sandalwood
Briar Patch: sea heather/balsam/lavender
Briar Rose: sea heather/balsam/rose
Chantilly: sea heather/baby powder/lilac
Crystal Calm: sea heather/strawberry/balsam
Daisy Field: sea heather/vanilla/baby powder
Island Memory: sea heather/plumberia/lavender
Island of Love: sea heather/bhibscus/plumeria
Ocean Garden: sea heather/lilac/rose
Salem's Brew: sea heather/patchouly
Sea Air: sea heather/magnolia/mountain laurel
Sea Berrie: sea heather/bayberry
Sea Bonnet: sea heather/bluebonnet
Sea Breeze: sea heather/strawberry
Sea Coast Treasure: sea heather/cranberry/pina colada
Soft Sea: sea heather/carnation
Sweet Pea: sea heather/lily of the valley
Tanya's Twilight: sea heather/plumeria

Banana Split: strawberry/banana/chocolate/wild cherry
Beary Berry: strawberry/blueberry
Berry Bog: strawberry/clove/cranberry
Berry Peach: strawberry/vanilla/peach
Candy Cane: strawberry/peppermint
Cherrie Berrie: strawberry/wild cherry
Chocolate Covered Strawberries: strawberry/vanilla/chocolate
Christmas Essence: strawberry/balsam/cinnamon
Christmas Forest: strawberry/balsam/blue spruce
Christmas Joy: strawberry/pine/vanilla
Christmas Special: strawberry/pine/vanilla
Country Christmas: strawberry/balsam/cinnamon/clove
Crystal Dawn: strawberry/balsam/sea heather
Deck The Halls: strawberry/hibiscus/pine
Fruit Basket: strawberry/peach
Fruit Punch: strawberry/apple/orange/peach
Gourmet Delight: strawberry/bayberry/nutmeg
Happy Times: strawberry/orange/vanilla
Hawaiian Punch: strawberry/vanilla/apple/orange/peach/pineapple
Island Theme: strawberry/lime/peach/vanilla/watermelon
JJ's Favorite: strawberry/coconut
Mulberry Bush: strawberry/mulberry/peach
Neapolitan Supreme: strawberry/chocolate/vanilla

After Dinner Coffee: vanilla/coffee/mint
After Dinner Mint: vanilla/chocolate/mint
Apple Pie a la Mode: vanilla/apple/clove/cinnamon
Baked Apple: vanilla/apple/cinnamon
Banana Ice: vanilla/banana
Banana Cream Pie: vanilla/vanana/coconut/lemon
Banana Split: vanilla/banana/chocolate/strawberry/wild cherry
Berry Peach: vanilla/peach/strawberry
Blueberry Muffin: vanilla/blueberry
Chocolate Chip Cookie: vanilla/chocolate
Chocolate Covered Strawberry: vanilla/chocolate/strawberry
Christmas Special: vanilla/pine/strawberry
Cotton Candy: vanilla/apple
Country Home: vanilla/apple/cinnamon/clove/nutmeg
Country Kitchen: vanilla/cinnamon
Country Spice: vanilla/cinnamon/clove
Cranberry Bread: vanilla/cinnamon/cranberry
Daisy Field: vanilla/baby powder/sea heather
Day & Night: vanilla/musk
Dreamsicle: vanilla/orange
Happy Times: vanilla/orange/strawberry
Hawaiian Punch:vanilla/orange/strawberry/apple/peach/pineapple
Holiday Happiness: vanilla/bayberry/cinnamon

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