Wax Potpourri is highly scented and good for use in simmering pots, electric potpourri pots, or as a sachet. This long lasting potpourri may be used many times before needing to be changed out. Never add water.
Try making sachets either for gifts or
favors by using our mini sachet bags - may be put in linen drawers, cabinets, etc, or use some in a bowl in place of dried potpourri.


International Coffee: vanilla/coffee/chocolate/cinnamon
Island Theme: vanilla/strawberry/lime/peach/watermelon
Lemon Meringue Pie: vanilla/coconut/lemon
Lemon Pudding: vanilla/lemon
Mocha Cookie: vanilla/chocolate/coffee/maple
Mulberry Shake: vanilla/wild cherry/mulberry
Neapolitan Supreme: vanilla/chocolate/strawberry
New England Spice: vanilla/cinnamon/cranberry
Orange Cappuccino: vanilla/coffee/orange
Peach Cobbler: vanilla/cinnamon/clove/peach
Peaches 'N Cream: vanilla/peach
Pearl Harbor: vanilla/banana/pineapple
Pecan Pie: vanilla/maple
Pineapple Cream Pie: vanilla/pineapple
Polar Bear: vanilla/coconut/pina colada
Pumpkin Pie: vanilla/cinnamon/nutmeg
Raspberry Tart: vanilla/raspberry
Red, White & Blue: vanilla/blueberry/strawberry
Ribbon & Roses: vanilla/rose/strawberry
Snowberry: vanilla/bayberry
Snowman: vanilla/peppermint
Spiced Bayberry: vanilla/bayberry/clove/cinnamon
Spiced Kitchen: vanilla/cinnamon/clove/nutmeg
Strawberry Delight: vanilla/cinnamon/strawberry
Strawberries 'N Cream: vanilla/strawberry
Sweet Texas: vanilla/bluebonnet
Watermelon Ice: vanilla/watermelon
White House: vanilla/wild cherry

California Sunset: watermelon/orange
Fruit Salad: Watermelon/blueberry/banana/pineapple
Island Theme: watermelon vanilla/strawberry/lime/peach
Mint Julep: watermelon/mint/peppermint/lime
Mouth Watering: watermelon/lime/peach
Summer Punch: watermelon/peach/pineapple
Summers Delight: watermelon/peach/strawberry
Southern Tart: watermelon/lime
Watermelon Ice: watermelon/vanilla

Aloha: white ginger/plumeria
Aloha Isle: white ginger/bayberry
Christmas in Paradise: white ginger/hibiscus/sandalwood
Hawaiian Heaven: white ginger/hibiscus/jasmine/pikake
Jingle Bells: white ginger/cranberry/pine
Maui Sunrise: white ginger/jasmine/lavender
Moonrose: white ginger/rose
Oahu Sunset: white ginger/hibiscus
Paradise: white ginger/hibiscus/lavender
Passion Rose: white ginger/musk/rose
Promises: white ginger/plumeria/sandalwood
Whisper: white ginger/lilac
White Cloud: white ginger/magnolia/plumeria

Banana Split: wild cherry/banana/chocolate/strawberry/vanilla
Cherrie Berrie: wild cherry/strawberry
Cherry Blossom Time: wild cherry/peach
Cherry Spice: wild cherry/clove
Chocolate Covered Cherries: wild cherry/chocolate/pina colada
Cough Drop: wild cherry/eucalyptus
Ephraim Woods: wild cherry/balsam/blue spruce/cinnamon
Mulberry Shake: wild cherry/mulberry/vanilla
My Valentine: wild cherry/rose
Sweet Magic: wild cherry/magnoli\a
Sweetie Pie: wild cherry/apple/strawberry
White House: wild cherry/vanilla
Winter's Joy: wild cherry/balsam/cranberry

Baby Yourself: ylang ylang/baby powder
Relaxation:ylang ylang/bergamot
Aphrodisiac: jasmine/rose/sandalwood
Emotional Shock: rose
Nervousness: orange/lemon/lavender
Nervous Tension: orange/Rose/lavender
Anxiety: lavender/mint/orange/peppermint
Stress: balsam/blue spruce/pine/cedar/lavender
Depression: lavender/sandalwood/patchouly/jasmine/mint
Poor Memory: clove/lilac/carnation
Meditation: cedar/sandalwood/blue spruce
Insomnia: lavender/orange/rose/cinnamon/peach
Stimulate: eucalyptus/peppermint
Sedative: lavender/rose/sandalwood


Many studies have been done on the affect scent can have on the body and mind. Below is a few interesting tidbits:

BALSAM: Grows in the northeastern part of the US and is helpful in stress situations.
BANANA: Assists in balancing emotional and mental states which helps resolve sexual conflict: also helps in developing communications with others.
BLUE SPRUCE: An evergreen tree native to the Rocky Mountains and is used during meditation to provide direction.
CEDAR: Used by American Indians traditionally for purification and to balance the spiritual self.
COFFEE: A small evergreen tree native to Africa - stimulates thoughts and quickens decisions.
CINNAMON: One of the oldest spices known - conveys feelings of warmth and protection while providing relief from nervousness and insomnia.
CLOVE: Stimulates and improves memory - promoting a willingness to let go of the old and make way for the new.
EUCALYPTUS: Conveys feelings of being united with self and can ease the grieving process
JASMINE: Assists in improving self-esteem and stimulating the imagination.
LAVENDER: With three dozen different varieties, it calms shaken feelings and alleviates tension: also good for headaches and depression.
LILAC: Appears in various shades of violet and produces mental clarity, relaxes muscles and aligns both spiritual and mental bodies
LEMON: Provides increased clarity of thought
LIME: Used as an antidepressant
MAPLE: Used for balancing ego personality structure
MINT: Best known of all the herbs, it stimulates the brain and fortifies the nerves
NUTMEG: Used for an aphrodisiac
ORANGE: Used as a sedative for nervous tension and for greater harmony between the astral and mental bodies.
PATCHOULY: Used as a fixative in high grade perfumes and provdes stgrength to follow unusual paths.
PEACH: Used to enhance the sense of joy and to assist in sleeping and with mood swings.
PEPPERMINT: Clears the head and activates the mental processes by awakening interest in one's surroundings.
PINE: Used to relieve anxiety and stress.
ROSE: Used as an aphrodisiac because of its stimulating and seductive qualities
SANDALWOOD: An aphrodisiac acting as both euphoric and stimulant for the imagination.
VANILLA: Used as a stimulant
WATERMELON: Used as a mild aphrodisiac increasing sex appeal between couples.


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