Floating Candles: Flowers


Need something for an upcoming event? Buy now at less than wholesale - all items are 50% off or more with exceptions such as our custom candles.

Among the many flower floating candles we offer are: pansy floating candles, orchid floating candles, zinnia floating candles, round floating candles and sunflower floating candles, amaryllis floating candles - flower floating candles are wonderful for any event.

Our flower floating candles come in all sizes, shapes and colors - something for everyone. Flower floating candles are perfect for a centerpiece decoration - they represent the beauty of nature and although our flower floating candles could never take the place of the ones found in nature, we think they make a nice addition to your centerpiece - surround them with real flowers and there isn't anything more beautiful. We are constantly seeking out new designs and will add them when we feel they will benefit our customers.